Micha & Jayne live and work to encourage each individual to flourish. Every person is an image bearer of God. We each carry a precious ‘Godseed’ within which provides the divine dna. This enables us to discover who God always designed us to be. Ir ends the many questions that suroound our identiy and self understanding. 

Many of us find even after many years of life that we remain frustratingly unfulfilled. We may enjoy great personal success. However, we to face a persisitent sense of inner discomfort.

St. Cuthbert’s Oratory offers us the opportunity to strip things back and enable you to discover your deeply seated sense of purpose and identity.

The Oratory offers a combination of Quiet Days, personal and group retreats, coaching, spiritual accompaniment and conversations. These are taylored to work with you in finding who you are and enabling you to live on purpose; your unique purpose.

What are the offerings?

  • A Quiet Day is a day for personal contemplation with opportunity for an hour’s Spiritual Accompaniment if requested.
  • A Retreat is an opportunity to step away from the everyday life rhythm and invest time in exploring one’s faith with the support of a Retreat Guide. This can be a personal Retreat or as part of a group.
  • Spiritual Accompaniment offers a period of reflection with a trained spiritual director in exploring with you where God is at work within your life and what God might be saying.
  • Spiritual Coaching utilises our carefull developed ’10;10′ process. It offers a practical and personalised framework empowering individuals to take responsibility for developing their personal spiritual growth. It is supported by Micha and Jayne and a complete set of coaching tool and materials.
  • Facilitated Conversations look at key issues within our Christian faith and seels to explore their meaning and purpose. For example we have looked at mortality and death, and the emergence of the Christian community on the second century.


  • Retreat days are £50 per person inclusive of refreshments and home cooked lunch.
  • Quiet Days are £20 inclusive of refreshments and lunch or £30 with a two course home cooked lunch. One Hour of Spiritual Direction can be included for an additional £10
  • Spiritual Direction is £50 for one hour. A meeting between Director and Directee usually takes place every six-eight weeks,. Regularity is set by the Directee.
  • An introductory Coaching session is £100
  • Six two hour Coaching sessions are £900
  • One Seminar is £35 per person inclusive of all materials and refreshments. Please bring a packed lunch.

B&B is available at the Oratory for £90per night. An evening meal is available for an additional £18. If full, there is the option of staying at Wisdom House, three miles from the Oratory.


To find out more and find answers to any questions please email Micha.