Micha & Jayne live and work to support individuals and groups to realise their full potential. They’re convinced that each of us is most fulfilled when living on purpose. Yet many of us find that we are frustratingly unfulfilled even as we find personal success and recognise that we’re fortunate in our circumstances.

How are we to face and address this sense of inner discomfort? We need to strip things back and recover our sense of purpose and identity.

Through a combination of Quiet Days, personal and group retreats, coaching, and seminars, we will work with you in finding who you are and what’s your purpose. 

  • A Quiet Day offers a day for personal contemplation with opportunity for an hour’s Spiritual Direction if requested.
  • A Retreat is an opportunity to step away from the everyday and invest time in exploring one’s faith with the support of a Retreat Guide. This can be a personal Retreat or as part of a group.
  • The Labyrinth is an ancient Christian practice of resolving questions through dialogue with God. We can facilitate the use of this excellent tool.
  • Spiritual Coaching provides a practical framework empowering individuals to take responsibility for developing their personal spiritual growth with personal support and encouragement.


  • Retreat days are £50 per person inclusive of refreshments and home cooked lunch.
  • Quiet Days are £40 inclusive of refreshments and lunch or £25 without lunch. One Hour of Spiritual Direction can be included for an additional £20
  • Spiritual Direction is £40 for one hour. A meeting between Director and Directee usually takes place every six-eight weeks,. Regularity is set by the Directee.
  • An introductory Coaching session is £100
  • Six two hour Coaching sessions are £1200
  • One Seminar is £50 per person inclusive of all materials and meals

B&B is available at the Oratory for £80 per night. If full, there is the option of staying at Wisdom House, three miles from the Oratory.


To find out more and find answers to any questions please email Micha.