Godseed offers spiritual coaching that, inspires, encourages and motivates us to recognise our unique life story and realise our God given potential.


Micha & Jayne’s ‘Grow the Godseed’ process is a robust and practical approach for taking responsibility for your own personal development. We each carry a story within us and need to search and find our voice so that we can tell and live that story.

Grow the Godseed from within

Find Your Voice

Too often our story is shaped through experiences imposed upon us and from the false judgments we’ve imposed upon ourselves. God planted a Godseed within each one of us. Life is about discovering and enabling that Godseed to germinate, take root and flourish. Only lives through which our God given voice is released and realised give full expression to who we are. And we can only make peace with ourselves as that Godseed flourishes.  

We invite you to find your voice and tell your story.

Tell Your Story

The process runs across an initial series of Ten, two hour sessions. These can be face to face, or managed over VOIP. An additional  introductory session will establish your objectives with you. These sessions are usually completed over a ten week period, but this is negotiable. They provide a set of tools enabling you to identify and realise your personal goals for a well balanced, integrated life.

We recognise everyone has different financial resources, whilst everyone deserves to find their voice. So there are no fixed charges. Talk to us and let’s find a creative way forward so that you can identify and nurture your Godseed, find your voice and start telling, and living, your story.


Micha & Jayne

Micha started working with the national charity Youth for Christ. This was followed by thirteen years as a Director with the Evangelical Alliance UK. At the same time he was  on the core leadership of Revelation, a large charismatic church, preaching, teaching and discipling. He operated as a skilled conflict manager, mediator and coach with Peaceworks for eighteen years. He has supported and acted as primary carer for his first wife Katey through an eighteen year battle with multiple sclerosis. He is a regular radio broadcaster, a writer and thinker. Today he lives as a contemplative mystagogue, praying and encouraging others.

‘I see life as a journey. One on which I’ve encountered problems and been presented with opportunities. Both have tested my resolve. I’ve been tempted to throw in the towel and walk away, and I recognise I have at times given up too soon. I’ve also rushed to believe in my own publicity, allowing my ego to be pumped up and subsequently floated too close to the sun. Neither experience destroyed me, yet I do retain the scars from such wounds. My learning has primarily come as a result of experience. Experience with which I want to encourage you to become the person God designed you to be.’   Dr Micha Jazz

Jayne was one of the initial team that planted and grew Revelation church from scratch. She worked in children’s and family ministry with the Glorie Company for ten years, acting as principal storyteller earning her the nickname ‘Jackanory Jayne’. In this capacity she worked at major national Christian events. Entering university as a mature student, Jayne trained as an Occupational Therapist and works in the exciting field of Learning Disability. She established a spirituality group and is experienced in sensory integration. Today Jayne works in patient experience ensuring her Trust’s clients are empowered to express their views on the running and ongoing development of the Trust. Her ministry focus in the Oratory is the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the disciple. Her experience provides a rich resource in coaching.

‘I was forced through difficult and unanticipated circumstances to pause and re-imagine my life. By daring to dream with God, I discovered my future. With support from a coach, I found the keys to unlock that future, spread my wings and fly. Today I want to encourage and empower others to dream big in the Spirit of God, release the hope locked within and fulfill their full potential to find their place in the earth.’   Jayne Jazz

If you believe you can benefit and realise your potential from working with Micha or Jayne, then email with your inquiry and details of what you are looking for and we can start a conversation.