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Thanks so much for our day of reflection. A great way to start the year for me. It made me realise that our spiritual life needs the help of a structure or framework to enrich our relationship with God. It poses a challenge!’ ‘Thank you for such a wonderful day.’

Be-Still-Know_largeBe Still & Know Day Retreats

The Be Still and Know retreats are a series of retreats which take place in various locations throughout the UK. These retreats provide an opportunity to step from the ordinary in search of the extraordinary presence of God. The author of the ‘Be Still & Know‘ devotionals in Voice of Hope and an experienced retreat facilitator, Micha Jazz leads retreatants in a day of structured meditation and contemplation. Make sure to check regularly this page for upcoming retreats. Next Retreats

Sarum College, Salisbury November 18, 2016. 9:30-16:15.

The St Cuthbert’s team are also available to provide bespoke retreats and pilgrimages for individuals, groups, church leadership teams, organisational directors etc., supporting you in finding a fresh focus in prayer, enriching your encounter with God or facilitating discernment processes as you move forward. If this is something that you think might benefit yourself or your team please either email or phone Micha on +44 (0)7846 494556.