Thanks so much for our day of reflection. A great way to start the year for me. It made me realise that our spiritual life needs the help of a structure or framework to enrich our relationship with God. It poses a challenge!’ ‘Thank you for such a wonderful day.’

New encounter retreat dates.

FULL: Friday January 12, 2018 at St. Cuthbert’s Oratory, Southampton. 

The person and work of the Holy Spirit. Much has been said of the Holy Spirit. Yet for many the dynamic presence of the third Person of the Trinity is more memory than reality.

This retreat identifies the person of the Holy Spirit and explores the work of the Spirit in three important spheres; the life of the disciple, the life of the church and the life of the wider community.

This retreat looks at how the Spirit interacts in our daily lives and considers an interventionist God.

Price: £49 inclusive of snacks, lunch and all materials.


Friday February 23, 2018 at St. Cuthbert’s Oratory, Southampton.

Lent Retreat: With Jesus in the wilderness. Lent allows us to prepare our hearts and lives for Easter. On this retreat day we will explore the place of the wilderness experience in the life of the disciple. The retreat will look at issues of distraction, emptiness, attachment and detachment. It will also point us towards the hope which the promise of resurrection brings to the desert.

A day for quiet reflection relevant to the season, aimed at personal refreshment and renewal.

For quiet personal reflection relevant to the season, aimed at personal refreshment and renewal.

Price: £49 inclusive of snacks, lunch and all materials.


Friday April 20, 2018 at St. Cuthbert’s Oratory, Southampton

The Prayer Rope as an aid to daily prayer. This retreat explores the way in which the prayer rope has helped individuals through the centuries get to grips with distractions in prayer through the simple use of a beaded rope and a repetitive prayer cycle. The day will include making one’s own prayer rope with all the materials provided as well as a brief background to the use of the prayer rope by the church. We will hen explore different ways of using the prayer rope and invite you to explore what is a useful cycle of prayer for you.

For reflection around the distractions that rib us of personal prayer and hos we might deepen our prayer experience.

Price: £55 inclusive of snacks, lunch and all materials for making your own prayer rope.


Friday May 18, 2018 at St Cuthbert’s Oratory, Southampton

Pentecost Retreat: The visitation of the Spirit. Taking this critical event in the emergence of the church, we shall gather as those first disciples and explore that first visitation of the spirit and consider the purpose of the Holy Spirit for the individual today. We shall consider the Spirit as comforter, motivator and protector. The Spirit enabled the disciples to implement God’s call and therefore remains the essential person in the Trinity enabling each of us to realise our spiritual potential.

Price: £49 inclusive of snacks, lunch and all materials.


The timings.

9:15 Arrival, registration refreshments.

10:00 Session 1

11:30 Refreshments

11:50 Session 2

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Session 3

15:00 Refreshments

15:30 Session 4

16:30 Finish and refreshments

BOOKING. To register, please email with ‘Registration’ in the subject line. You will receive details of how to pay, an expanded programme and all relevant information. For enquires please call the Oratory on 07846 494556.


Be-Still-Know_largeBe still & know day retreats.

The Be Still and Know retreat is something Jayne and I can bring to your small group, cell or wider congregation. It offers an introduction to the purpose and practice of retreat. We will explain the nature of a retreat and how it can be incorporated within a busy and demanding lifestyle.

All we need is a suitable venue and refreshments and food for those attending. Drop us a line and we can talk through how such a day might encourage your community in their daily pursuit of God.

The retreats provide an opportunity to step from the ordinary in search of the extraordinary presence of God. The author of the ‘Be Still & Know‘ devotionals in Voice of Hope and an experienced retreat facilitator, Micha Jazz together with his wife Jayne, a spiritual coach, leads retreatants in a day of structured meditation and contemplation.


A retreat in your church or home.

The St Cuthbert’s team, Micha & Jayne Jazz, are also available to provide bespoke retreats and pilgrimages for individuals, groups, church leadership teams, organisational directors etc., supporting you in finding a fresh focus in prayer, enriching your encounter with God or facilitating discernment processes as you move forward. If this is something that you think might benefit yourself or your team please either email or phone Micha on +44 (0)7846 494556.