Thanks so much for our day of reflection. A great way to start the year for me. It made me realise that our spiritual life needs the help of a structure or framework to enrich our relationship with God. It poses a challenge!’

Retreat Schedule 2019-2020. 

A retreat offers the opportunity to step back, focus, reflect and return replenished and refreshed in friendship with God.

Our St. Cuthbert’s Retreats this season will focus upon reawakening Narnia. There is a need to awaken the ancient spiritual paths that lead us into the very heart of God. Too often our vision is obscured by the sheer challenge of living life – it’s many demands and distractions. However, we are chosen for a purpose – one that ensures we leave a legacy of testimony and practical service throughout the earth  – one that the generations who follow can draw encouragement from and so make their own way back to God. 

Join with us as together as we listen to God’s voice and  explore how we might grow into Christian maturity as we discover and serve God’s purpose for ourselves in our day and generation.”    Micha & Jayne.


Friday October 18th, 2019: Finding My Voice in the World Today. £50:00.

Voice has the sense of making my own unique sound in the world and responding to my vocation. Who is it I am intended to be and to become in God? Until I discover and own my unique sound I remain restless, unable to find my place in a turbulent world. 

Micha has discovered he is a Franciscan, contemplative friar, Jayne a seer and nurturer. Our sound is not constricted to a job title. It is the realisation of the God-seed planted deep within us at the moment of our creation. Our life is one of collaborating with God to identify and nurture this God-seed into fruitfulness. Join us as we go in search of our individual God-seed so we might flourish in God’s purpose today and into the future.


Friday December 6, 2019: Advent Retreat. Discerning God’s Announcement to me. £50:00

Advent is a period of waiting upon the arrival of Jesus. The incarnation was dependent upon an announcement from the Archangel Gabriel and the obedience of an engaged teenager, Mary. In a world and church filled with the sounds of many voices, what is God’s announcement for you?

As we make our pilgrimage to the familiar feast of Christmas, what is it that we can discern God saying to us specifically? Christmas is a time to give and to receive gifts. God also has a fresh impartation of the gift of Christ for each of us this Christmas. During this Retreat we seek to discover God’s announcement for each one of us to carry into Christmas and beyond.

New dates for 2020 will be appearing here soon and if you want advance information email

If there are subjects you would like to see a day retreat devoted to again email your idea and the reasons why. We constantly want to be available to respond to what the Spirit is saying to God’s people.


The timings.

9:30 Arrival, registration refreshments.

10:00 Session 1

11:30 Refreshments

11:50 Session 2

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Session 3

15:00 Refreshments

15:30 Session 4

16:30 Finish and refreshments

BOOKING. To register, please email with ‘Registration’ in the subject line. You will receive details of how to pay the £50 cost inclusive of refreshments, home cooked lunch and all materials. All relevant information will be emailed to you. For more detailed enquires please call the Oratory on 07526 188371.

If booking for a series of retreats we are pleased to offer a season ticket for your choice of five retreats for the price of £215. We will take payment for these five retreats on initial booking.

If you need overnight accommodation for a retreat, we have one en suite room in the Oratory available for £70 B&B or £85 Full Board. Alternatively we can give details for the Wisdom Centre in Romsey (three miles away) where they have a self contained cottage.


Be-Still-Know_largeBe still & know day retreats.

The Be Still and Know retreat is something Jayne and I can bring to your small group, cell or wider congregation. It offers an introduction to the purpose and practice of retreat. We will explain the nature of a retreat and how it can be incorporated within a busy and demanding lifestyle.

All we need is a suitable venue and refreshments and food for those attending. Drop us a line and we can talk through how such a day might encourage your community in their daily pursuit of God.

The retreats provide an opportunity to step from the ordinary in search of the extraordinary presence of God. The author of the ‘Be Still & Know‘ devotionals in Voice of Hope and an experienced retreat facilitator, Micha Jazz together with his wife Jayne, a spiritual coach, leads retreatants in a day of structured meditation and contemplation.

Cost: Expenses plus £25 per person attending.


A retreat in your church or home.

The St Cuthbert’s team, Micha & Jayne Jazz, are also available to provide bespoke retreats and pilgrimages for individuals, groups, church leadership teams, organisational directors etc., supporting you in finding a fresh focus in prayer, enriching your encounter with God or facilitating discernment processes as you move forward. If this is something that you think might benefit yourself or your team please either email or phone Micha on +44 (0)7846 494556.