I know just how busy life is for each one of us. Family responsibilities, work demands as well as managing home life. There are also those who battle with deep disappointment, heartache and loss. I also know that finding a single moment of quiet for your daily devotions can also prove exceptionally challenging. However, I might have something of an answer. ‘Be Still and Know’ is a fresh approach to creating a moment of calm, Godly reflection for anyone in their hectic schedule.

Micha Recording at Premier

Micha Recording at Premier


Be Still & Know 365 offers a daily meditation throughout the year. Undated but numbered, you are invited to journey at your own pace.

Designed as a simple five minute meditation, it is available as a Be Still & Know 365, a broadcast or you can follow along at home via an e-send,in print or as a daily Podcast on the app. Podbean. These are available free of charge direct to your preferred street address or mobile device. Micha invites you to pause for just 5 minutes, to be still and to grow in personal faith.

In meditation you pause to be still so you might come to know God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, more completely at a personal level. You grow into maturity in Christ as St Paul urges us and learn to manage the challenges of everyday life with God’s help. You will come to know God at a deeper and more intimate level.

It may not sound long because it is not long! However, what it lacks in time it makes up for in significance. You will establish a habit of daily reflection and here create a Godspace in which you can hear God for yourself, and you can capture your own response for continue consideration.

Someone once said that a journey begins with a single step. Our most important journey with God requires just such a step and this is one step I think will build a path and a pattern of Godly engagement that can revitalise your personal walk with God. I encourage you to take action today, order Be Still & Know and fan into flame your faith in God.

“Micha Jazz…is a master at relating texts and prayer intentions to the many challenges we face in modern day life” Right Reverend John Keenan, bishop of Paisley, Scotland.

Be encouraged in your pursuit of God and take this opportunity to Be Still and Know God, and yourself, at a deeper level.

Sample ‘Be Still & Know’.
Day 38 – Issue 31
February 21, 2020
Acts 4:32 NLT

‘All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had.’

Unity creates an atmosphere of trust and harmony. Within such an atmosphere, remarkable things become possible. I grew up with stories from my mother of life in Britain during the Second World War. The war years affected her from age 14 to 20. She lived away from London, but close to Plymouth, which as a naval port, suffered from enemy bombing. Yet, it was not the inconvenience or danger of war she spoke most of, it was more the way her local community came together and cared for each other. The war had united them in heart and mind, and consequently they shared freely with one another in a common goal.

When there is no visible threat, it is easy to become consumed with my own interests. Individuals and families are shocked and appalled when some interruption to their plans breaks in, such as an unwelcome illness. There is usually little motivation to pull together. Indeed, much of our social and economic narrative promotes the idea of individual responsibility to make one’s way in life. Those who fail to do so, for whatever reason, run the risk of being labelled as scroungers and parasites. We are not building a kind society, it seems.

We are citizens of heaven and as such, a community with a shared purpose and a common enemy. Our success, as with Britain when facing seemingly impossible odds in the Second World War, is to pull together and enter into “the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:10-16), which is God’s call and gift to us. We are individuals, with the uniqueness that accompanies our individuality, yet we are called to join the family of God, clearly expressed through the Church. Our responsibility is not to engage in endless internecine war with each other, but to collaborate in defeating our common foe.

QUESTION: Are you in one heart and mind with fellow Christians and working to defeat God’s enemy, the accuser of humanity?

PRAYER: I want to found my life on the character and teachings of Christ – help me to love God first and to love my neighbour as myself.