St. Cuthbert’s Oratory is Southampton’s house of prayer and intercession. We live to change the world one prayer at a time.

God has called us to pray. This is the work of our lives now as,

Micha & Jayne

  • We pray unceasingly for God’s purpose throughout God’s world
  • We encourage and enable individuals and groups to encounter and serve God through prayer

As St Francis heard God invite him to rebuild God’s church, so we have been called to pray and serve in rebuilding God’s church in faith and mission through prayer and practical encouragement in spiritual growth and development.

Oratory Rhythm

  • a routine of daily prayer – morning, evening and night prayer.
  • intercession every afternoon at 15:00, the hour Jesus gave up his life on the Cross.

Encouraging Others

  • Retreats
    • five, single day retreats (9:30-17:00) held in the Oratory each year
    • five online retreats each year
  • Spiritual accompaniment: together exploring where God is at work in life and listening to what God is saying. This is either face to face or online
  • Personal retreats: hosted in the Oratory. We can design a personalised programme with you, or you can simply follow your own path. All refreshments and meals are included. You choose how many days you want your retreat to run.
  • Grow the Godseed: the Oratory’s carefully developed spiritual coaching and encouragement course. It offers a framework, offered over ten sessions, to encourage individual growth in prayer and integrating spiritual experience with work, leisure and family life. Please enquire for further details.
  • The ‘Be Still and Know’ day retreat is something Jayne and I can bring to your small group, cell or wider congregation. This can be face to face or online. It offers an introduction to the purpose and practice of retreat and how it can be incorporated within a demanding lifestyle.
  • We also provide bespoke retreats and pilgrimages for individuals, groups, church leadership teams, organisational directors etc. These support your own call in finding a fresh focus in your spiritual purpose and facilite practical discernment processes as you loook to the future. If this is something that might benefit your or your team please either email or phone.

B&B is available at the Oratory for £75 per night in our one ensuite guest room and access to a personal lounge. An evening meal is available for an additional £15. Group accommodation is available locally in the Widsdom Centre, Romsey.

For other arrangements please enquire for details and email Micha.