Micha and Jayne Jazz run St Cuthbert’s Oratory near Southampton, Hampshire. It is a space in which they cultivate the relationship between the contemplative and the charismatic.

The purpose for the Oratory.

St Cuthbert’s Oratory exists to support individuals and groups explore how they might encounter God and establish a God centred life and time style.

This is done within a welcome, hospitable and creative space where together we explore personal growth and development in well being and wholeness.

Built upon a Christian foundation we see the Oratory as a threshold between who we are and who we seek to become in God in our world.

Micha and Jayne encourage visitors to examine everything they sense and have experienced, what they understand and all that lies beyond human reason. They have both experienced disappointment through uninvited and unwelcome life experience. They both have found God’s way to navigate life’s highways and byways.

Oratory life.

Built around conversation, reflection, empathy, and self discovery, St Cuthbert’s offers an oasis of refreshment on life’s pilgrimage of personal emergence and development. We are always ‘becoming’ for life never stops.

The Oratory has an established daily rhythm and individuals can participate when visiting for a Quiet Day.

Micha and Jayne offer Spiritual Direction/Accompaniment, retreats, spiritual coaching and training in the life of the Spirit and contemplative prayer.


St. Cuthbert’s is a house of learning drawing wisdom and offering encouragement from the writings and reflections of the church from its dawn to the present day.

Micha broadcasts ‘Be Still & Know’, a five minute meditation on Premier Radio each weekday. This is also available in print and electronic form at no charge.

What is an Oratory?

An Oratory provides a stable home committed to prayer and to service. Whilst not bound by a rule, individuals commit to praying regularly and eating meals together. Oratory members spend the day involved in vocational work and ministry and also work to encourage the Church.

Each Oratory is autonomous, but shares common practices and preserves a common spiritual heritage.