St Cuthbert’s Oratory is a space dedicated to prayer and conversation. It offers a warm welcome to all seeking refreshment, encouragement and SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA spiritual growth. It was born out of Micha’s own journey with God which led him through confusion, disappointment and at times despair. Yet, he kept hold of God, who brought him into a life dedicated to prayer and contemplation.

Regular morning and evening prayer shape the rhythm of each day. Micha also offers Spiritual Direction, retreats, spiritual mentoring and training in prayer.

St Cuthbert’s is also a house of learning with its principle studies are focused upon

  • The person that God wants you to be.
  • How to relate to the world around you.
  • How to grow in Spiritual understanding.

St Cuthbert’s also manages Peacewalks, a ministry that invites pilgrims to explore the sacred spaces associated most closely with the birth and growth of Christianity in Britain and Europe. Each pilgrimage is deliberately small in number, agreed with participants and aims to support groups engage with the historic roots of the Christian faith whilst always creating a safe, shared space of fellowship for pilgrims journeying together.

Micha broadcasts ‘Be Still and Know’, a five minute meditation, on Premier Radio each day also available in print or electronic form for free.

retreat_prayerWhat is an Oratory?

An Oratory provides a stable home committed to prayer and to service. Whilst not bound by a rule to pray in common, individuals do commit themselves to praying regularly together and eating meals together. Oratory members spend the day involved in vocational work and ministry and work to support the Church.

Each Oratory is autonomous, but shares common practices and preserves a common spiritual heritage. We connect with others  through Axiom Global Community and work with the Reconciliation Walk Community in Luton, as well as Monastery of the Heart.