David and Liza Cooke

Well we’ve made it through another year. There have been challenges and joys and also lots to reflect upon.

Christmas Party (2)Like many of you we’ve had the office party and the Diocese is now on leave for the celebration of Christmas. The office staff all gathered at the home of Rose, who really is the heart of CBR, and there we feasted on what she had prepared for us: plain and pilau rice, fried chicken, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables and chapatti.

Tomorrow we will drive down to Nairobi to catch a series of flights which will take us to New Zealand to spend Christmas with our daughter Lucy and her husband Dino. David hasn’t seen them for almost three years and he’ll finally meet his grandson, JayJay, who will no doubt have changed out of all recognition since Liza last saw him!

So we won’t be updating the blog again until…

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