The third and final stage in Meditation & Contemplation ensure that we regularly encounter God. We are invited to live the flow of encounter and embrace. Crafted by God’s love, each one of us is a unique expression of the Trinity’s love and life, itself a picture of the eternal God’s embrace. We take time each day in encountering God to engage with the One who sustains all life. In such encounters we seek to discover more of the truth and reality of God ourselves. We become refreshed and re-energised.

Such moments clarify our call and strengthen our resolve in following closely in the footsteps of Jesus. Embraced by The Lord, we return to incarnate, or ‘flesh out’ the reality of love’s embrace throughout the earth.

The only way God was able to communicate his love to humanity was through incarnation. Stepping from his eternal encounter and embrace within the Trinity, Jesus literally squeezed himself into a human body, and chose freely to live among us. At first hand women and men, old and young, poor and rich, encountered the very reality of God in person. Eventually executed for no greater crime than loving people, Jesus’ arms were stretched out upon a crude wooden gibbet in readiness to embrace a lost and broken humanity, including both you and me.

In like manner we are now invited and commissioned to return from that Divine embrace, our Meditation & Contemplation, and live out a life of love in serving others, emancipating those oppressed by circumstances beyond their immediate control, and through such acts of service extend God’s embrace to those living at the margins of our society, be they down the street or around the world.

Take time to encounter God often: prayer is itself active engagement for good in a fracturing world.

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