Micha_Garden_smile  144 Welcome to St Cuthbert’s Oratory.

Each day we continue our intentional pursuit of God with an ordered day of prayer, work and service.

Every one of us is different yet each one of us is born with the capacity to know God and also to be intimately known by God.

Here at St Cuthbert’s we take that challenge as a glorious opportunity to grow and invite others to discover a deeper encounter with God whilst sharing their life story with the Oratory community.

In his book Sacred Companions, Davide Benner introduces five connected yet distinct elements that appear in healthy spiritual friendships: Love, honesty, intimacy, mutuality, and accompaniment (taking an active interest in each other’s journey).

He then suggests that each one of us explore a personalised Rule of LIfe Framework in pursuit of the God-filled life. In beginning the process of building your own Rule of Life, how might you answer these questions?

  • Where are my primary relationships? Those most impacted by my decision taking.
  • What do I do well and what do I do less well? Strengths above weaknesses
  • How might I describe my inner longing(s) at this season of my life?
  • My vision of where I want to be in five years time is……
  • What am I doing NOW that will move me purposefully in that direction.

A Rule of Life addresses the following critical areas in our life as we seek to be ‘formed’ in the character of Jesus and live out God’s Kingdom on earth.

  • Time-style – how am I managing my daily schedule? How might I reevaluate and change this?
  • Life-style – What are my current priorities and responsibilities? Are these flexible and what time frame do I need?
  • Money-style – What are my current expenditure requirements? Can these be modified? What is the income level I can manage with and be happy?
  • Community-style – How am I living, with whom am I living and how else might I live?SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Serving-style – Who am I serving apart from myself and to what and for whose benefit?

Want to think about these? Why not drop me, Friar Micha, a line at stcuthbertsoratory@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.